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Josapar 90 Anos

Our Brands

The Josapar has a wide range of products that cater to
different audiences. Are present in its portfolio brands
of rice, like Tio João, known throughout the Country,
beans, such as Meu Biju, food and beverage developed
based on soy as SupraSoy and Olive oil.
Check out our complete line of Josapar products.

Rice Tio João

The Premium line of Josapar, preferred by top chefs and consumers more demanding. 40 years in the market, is the best-selling brand of rice and most remembered in various regions of the Country. These are products for practical and delicious meals, developed with quality and technology characteristic of Josapar. Complete, the line Tio João  is intended for different types of cuisine, from which include quick meals to high nutritional value, to facilitate the day-to-day consumer. Therefore has bundled products as an alternative to white rice, which are Tio João 7 Grãos, Tio João + Vita, Tio João Cozinha Fácil, Tio João Cozinha & Sabor and Tio João Variedades Mundiais, besides Parboiled one.